About Spain-Costa del Sol

The axis between Europe and Africa and meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, this region has been coveted by many different cultures throughout history .
In barely forty kilometers you can go from Alpine mountain landscapes to tropical areas on the shores of the Mediterranean. The coast of Andalusia stretches for almost 900 kilometres and is home to a large number of cities, towns and beaches that are a delight to visit.

This diversity has made the Andalucian region of Spain into the most popular tourist destination for the Bristish holidaymakers to buy property in.This vibrant country is extremely popular among people who want to leave the cold weather and start a new life under the blue skies and bright sunshine that the south of the country has to offer.

Spain is a country with incredibly history, culture, food and wine that enhances the experience. Being within easy travelling distance of Great Britain and many other European countries, means you can be in your holiday home and the sunshine within hours .

Why Costa del Sol ?

Because we all are looking guaranteed sunshine, miles of glorious sandy beaches, excellent food and abundant choice of entertainment.

It offers a wide choice of homes at affordable prices, most people who visit Spain on a regular basis find it very hard to beat.

We specialise in everything from bank repossesed properties to luxury properties which means you will be sure to find something to meet your investment or lifestyle needs.

When buying a home in Spain, either as a holiday home or permenante residence, you´re buying into a lifestyle and taking the actuall economic climate  of purchassing a disstress sale in the Costa del Sol

Reasons Why Property in the Costa del Sol is a Fantastic Investment

Spain is the second most popular holiday destination in the world by revenue and  3rd for passenger arrivals. With around 50 million tourist per year .

With one of the best climates in Europe, it offers over 320 days of sushine per year.

        •        Very low cost of borrowing.

        •        There is higher finance available ,between 70% to 100% on certain properties .

        •        Price  reductions of up to 65%

        •        Cheap and simple access from a massive range of locations via low cost Airlines

        •        Spanish legislation provides a high level of legal protection to investor in order to facilitate                       business activities.Bedsides ,Spain signed bilateral treaties with Africa and Latin American                         countries, in order to avoid double taxation .

        •        There is a new airport infraestructure for the woldwide market with Malaga airport  managing 30 million passengers per year .

        •        Rated as one of the top golf tourist markets with over 50 golf courses in the area.
        •        No more off-plan property development is underway. All properties currently are licenced                       and completed and therefore represent a risk free investment .No new builds planned for the                   foreseeable future.

        •        There is a well established short and long term rental market .

        •        There is a multi source exit strategy and rental market from the British , Dutch , Irish ,                                 German, Scandinavian, Russina,Saudi and Spanish markets.

        •        Winter skiing in the Sierra Nevada within 1 to 1.5 hours drive away

        •        High Speed train : AVE ; Malaga to Madrid in just over 2 hours .

        •        Low cost Airlines are launching more routes to the areas.

        •        The second most valued Health system in Europe

        •        Very high standard of living

        •        Spain has now 511 blue flag beaches , more than any other European country ; 66 of this                          beaches are in the Andalucian region .

        •        Although struck by the crisis , Spain is a solid economy, already showing signs of recovery.

About Spain-Costa del Sol