About Portugal

 Portugal keeps all its charm behind, a profile cut in a line of sand and foam, caressed by the sea breezes.Owner of a mystery which last longer than 800 years, This Country is genuinely different and here all dualisms are summoned and interwoven. Past and present, cultural heritage and the joy of living.  Place of sun and sea, History and cosmopolitanism, the monumentality gives charm to life and contrasts with the lightness of relaxed spirits. With a unique geographic location and Atlantic vocation, the west coast invites you to the enjoyment of nature, beach, gastronomy and entertainment.

In this land of light and sun, an exhaustible source of energy, the past strengthens the sense of the present.

Here amongst mediaeval castles and contemporary shops,  Roman, Gothic and, Manueline, monuments, beaches, with crystal clear blue sea waters, green plains as far as the eye can see, historic villages and luxurious resorts, sophisticated cuisine and the simple pleasures that the sea offers, Art Museums,Contemporary and rock carvings,Golf courses and vibrant avenues.  Lives a creative and open people who cordially welcomes you  and wants to share with you all the best things that he has and knows, appealing to the senses  and celebrating  life.


Wherever your attention turns,  the colours of the mountains and the sea are always present, a watercolour with high lights of gold,green and blue.The Region is extensive and pleasant, with a Mediterranean climate,marked by the smell of salty water and wild flowers. Day or night you can do just about everything or should you prefer, you can do ablolutely nothing. History, culture and popular gastronomy are offered effortlessly.

The Algarvean people have centuries of cohabitation with other cultures and are welcoming to visitors. Perhaps  that is why on your departure you will take always  good memories a wish to come back again.

Why buy in Portugal ?
*The Algarve in is one of the number one golf destination in the whole of Europe. 
*Prices in Portugal are steadily and sustainably appreciating.
*Regular and cheap flights into Portugal from the UK means getting to your Portuguese property once    its purchased  it is easy and cheap.
*High Level of Government Investment into Infrastructure Projects
*A long, beautiful coastline and good weather year-around with lots of sunshine, but more moderate  summer temperatures than in the Mediterranean made Portugal the third most popular place to buy a  second home in Europe.
*We have a large selection of property from bank respossessed to luxury properties for sale in  Portugal.
*The absence of inheritance tax and a relatively favourable tax environment in Portugal for foreigners  could be another advantage of buying Portuguese real estate.

About Portugal